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The Los Angeles County Jail-Los Padrinos Youth Hall is a centre of medium- to low-security incarceration in the state criminal justice system in Quill Dr Downey, CA, and houses young people waiting to be sentenced for their offences. For less than two years, most teens have been here. The Juvenile Hall functions as a transitional facility with two purposes: before and/or after their court decisions, the juveniles are temporarily accommodated, awaiting their relocation from treatment to home. In compliance with established protocols and legal criteria for det IDC is responsible for screening youth for their admission into los padrinos juvenile hall inmate search.

The Admissions Officer will contact the IDC, who will then come to interview the law enforcement agent who is taking in the minor, as he arrives at Juvenile Hall. IDC officer shall examine and assess if the minor will be arrested, released or released on a warrant following house arrest or discharge. The IDC officer will interview the minor and contact the parent / legal guardian of the minor in order to notify his child at Juvenile Hall. When the parent is retained, the visiting hours and potential court date shall be told to the parent.

Parents hand book

After the IDC has obtained the document, just before the minor reaches the holding room, the staff of the young hall interview a minor and asks if he / she has any wounds we may know about. If this has not been achieved by the detaining department, the juvenile is then taken to the processing area where it is screened live. The infant is then showered and made into a proper youthful hall and his personal wardrobe and property is converted into a room of the youthful hall. Following a showering, the infant will be examined carefully for any physiological, physical or social conditions that need to be fixed for proper treatment. The boy is then sent to the psychiatric centre to determine his fitness to attend the juvenile hall by the medical personnel.